Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why I Love My Job...


Thank you again for creating the most awesome wedding favors ever for us to celebrate our day! We luckily had a few leftover that we enjoyed daily while on our honeymoon in Switzerland.  I wanted to pass along a few pictures from Jen Fariello of your beautiful work!

Thanks again!

Thank you, Lauren & Andrew for asking me to be a part of your big day!
And, for taking the time to email me to let me know you enjoyed the cookies at the wedding and beyond!
Thanks also to the infinitely talented Jen Fariello for sharing her gorgeous photographs!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Redbud Gifts..Local Online Gift Giving

I love to shop locally, supporting the "Mom & Pop" shops of Charlottesville that maintain the small-town character of this unique place.  However, occasionally I find that I can't manage another stop in my day or need to shop in the middle of the night.  Enter Redbud Gifts.  In Redbud's own words...

Redbud Gifts is an online gift store for local goods and experiences. Everything sold on the web site originates within 100 miles of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Redbud Gifts features hand-made goods such as jewelry, ceramics, baked goods and toys crafted by local artisans.  Redbud Gifts offers experiences such as dinner delivery, massage, language and music classes.  Redbud Gifts also has aBig Gift” category featuring gifts of over 1,000.00 for purchase by an individual or a group.  “Big Gifts” includes filmmaking, party bands, organic local catered parties, and backyard structures like gazebos and chicken coops.  Redbud Gifts also provides a way to give donations as gifts.  All items and packages on the site are exclusive to Redbud Gifts.
Redbud Gifts went live last week and I was thrilled to be able to participate in the Opening Party {in cookies if not in person}!  Here is a little taste of the arrangement and Cookie Coins that I provided for the party.

Want to learn more?  Want to see the One Creative Cookie exclusives
Check out Redbud Gifts online 

Happy Gifting!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Real {Estate} Thank You!

This photo says it all...SOLD!
What better way to say "Thanks for your hard work!" than with a basket of real estate themed cookies personalized with the agent's logo? I bought this real estate sign cutter ages ago and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it.  Fortunately it got it's first run when my amazing friend Laura (the talented brains/eyes/hands behind sweet tea for kids) sold her house this week.  She asked for a basket of 6 cookies, so we did 2 logo cookies, 2 giant silver keys, a house cookie in the colors of the house they sold and a real estate sign with the iconic "SOLD" sign across the middle.  I hear that they weren't 60 seconds in the office before they were partially devoured...Sloan Milby Real Estate Partners was kind enough to post a photo on their Facebook page, but not before David got ahold of one of the keys!

Sadly, the light wasn't great so my photo of the whole basket isn't wonderful, but here you can see all of the parts together...

Congratulations to Laura and Randy and many thanks for sharing One Creative Cookie!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Edible Image Cookies...6 Examples, Endless Possibilities!

As much as I love hand-piping details and logos and watching a multi-layered design come to life, there is just something so amazing about being able to reproduce just about anything onto a cookie...
if it can be printed, I can put it on a cookie! 

So just how does this work?  Simply put it is a very thin sheet of icing onto which images are printed with food coloring "inks".  The images are then applied to the cookies with a delicious layer of our signature icing.

A thank you gift from the amazing Dr. Jennifer Dixon to a colleague.

These photo cookies were a party favor ordered as a
surprise by thoughtful husband for his wife's birthday.

This was just a little something I was playing around with.

And finally, utilizing the logos created to celebrate two weddings.

Do you have a drawing your children made?  A "vintage" school photo?  A fun way to share a photo of the newest addition to your family?  The possibilities are endless!  What will be your signature cookie?

To see more cookies using the edible image technique view our
"Logo" Gallery...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Football and must be Fall!'s what's on the mind of my boys this fall!  Though the Central Virginia weather has not cooperated and we've had more cancelled practice than played practice, soccer it what it's about in my house these days.  These little gems above were for a sweet boy's birthday party and had to be shipped off to Washington, DC much to my boys' dismay.  (They've actually taken to walking through the kitchen, pausing for a dramatic sigh and walking right back out...they're used to being told that the cookies aren't sticking around for them to enjoy.)

To further their dismay, these fun Woodberry Forest paw prints went out the door this morning to a good friend.  It is always such fun to try something new - even better when it turns out just the way I had it pictured in my mind! 

Watch your email for another great project I'm working on for October!  If you're not already on the email list, click here to join.

To quote a friend..."Happy Fall, Y'all!"