Monday, September 26, 2011

In The Pink...Cookies for a Cause

It's that time of year's In The Pink time!
The In The Pink Tennis Tournament is an initiative of the Martha Jefferson Hospital Women's Committe and, along the the ever popular Martha's Market, supports Cancer Care at MJH.  In The Pink specifically supports Marianne's Room, a special resource for women going through cancer treatment.

I have been playing ITP for four years - it is a lovely morning of tennis with fun ladies out to support a great cause.  This year I had the pleasure of playing with my dear friend, Laura Futty of sweet tea for kids...lucky me!  There are prizes for all kinds of "wins"...oh how I wish I had a picture to post of the winners of "Most Pink Attire" from this year!  Alas, all I have are memories of a great morning and a photo of the cookies that were part of the gift bag for those who participated.

Jealous of the 200 participants who got a tasty treat in their gift bag this year?  No need!  Stay tuned for ways to get your own pink ribbon cookies and support another great cause at the same time!  If you aren't signed up for the monthly newsletter, do it here.