Wednesday, February 29, 2012


In the month of March, signs of Spring start to pop up everywhere in Charlottesville.  Small shoots reach forth from the compacted mulch in my "garden" (that small strip that hasn't been taken over by the pounding of small feet and the constant pounding of a variety of sports equipment and balls), tentative buds appear on forsythia, geese fly over my home every morning and even today's thunderstorm signals a resurgence, a renewal, a new season of light and hope.

 Inspired by the flowers starting to show up in Charlottesville and a sweet, spunky girl named Eloise, the Special of the Month is the "Eloise". 
Read on for more about Eloise and how to order your cookies...

Nearly two years ago, just as Spring came fully to Charlottesville, my friend Annie lost her daughter Eloise to childhood cancer.  I did not have the privilege of knowing Eloise, but I know many who did.  I heard friends relay stories full of Eloise's particular brand of humor, courage and sparkle.  They also spoke in awe of Annie, and Eloise's father Alex and sister Annabelle.  Last year, to honor Eloise and support those who are in the depths of childhood cancer treatments, Annie and her family worked to organize a walk to benefit CureSearch.  Their commitment to CureSearch and the walk provides a sure sign of light and hope for families in the midst of a childhood cancer diagnosis.  

Hear from Annie, in her own words, in this short video...

When Annie went to her first CureSearch walk in Deleware, just a few months after losing Eloise, she asked me to design some cookies that she could take to the walk to thank all of the people who had worked to raise money in memory of Eloise.  These cookies became knows as the "Eloise" cookies.  The design is based on a painting that Eloise created and which is also on the "Eloise" bag by Olive Designer Totes.

These bright Eloise cookies are a delicious sign of Spring and a great way to support CureSearch.
During the month of March, profits from the sale of Eloise cookies will be donated to CureSearch. 
**Sets of 8 cookies are $36 and can be shipped anywhere in the US for just $6.** 

Cookies can be ordered by emailing Kelly or in the One Creative Cookie Etsy shop.

For more information on the CureSearch Walk please click here.
Many thanks to Jen Fariello for photographing the Eloise cookies.