Friday, October 12, 2012

Chelsea & Evan's Cookie Bar Revealed

Self-described "cookie lovers", Chelsea and Evan decided to forgo a traditional wedding cake in favor of a decadent spread of cookies. The couple, who married at Pippin Hill Farm in May, chose six varieties of classic drop cookies.  In a nod to tradition, Chelsea and Evan also chose wedding cake shaped cookies monogrammed with their initials.

The ever creative Meghan Streit of Shindig helped the bridal couple create a display that would not only wow the guests, but provide an engaging after-dinner attraction.

I'm told that there was not a single crumb left at the end of the night...
just what every baker hopes to hear!

Grab a cold glass of milk and enjoy Eric Kelley's wonderful photos...

I love Chelsea's expression (lower left photo, she's on the right) when she sees the cookie bar for the first time!

Milk & Cookies - what's not to love?

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