Sunday, October 7, 2012

Guess the party...Gift Certificate Contest!

No licensed character cookies, no problem!

I frequently receive requests for cookies to coordinate with a licensed character theme party.  Because I am a small business and obtaining license to use someone else's creative property can be expensive and require quite a bit of time and paperwork, I simply do not make cookies in likenesses of licensed characters.  However, this doesn't mean there can't be themed cookies to coordinate with your party of choice!

These adorable spaceship cookies were used for an "Angry Birds Space" birthday party.  Using the space "theme" and colors inspired by the paper products being used for the party, we were able to create a perfectly coordinated party favor!

 Ready for the contest?
These two sets of cookies were done recently to coordinate with two "character" parties.
Guess the themes of the parties in a comment below and you will be entered to win a $20 gift certificate!  Want to earn another chance to win?  Just share this blog post on your FaceBook or Twitter account or link back from your blog.  Leave a separate comment below for a second entry.
Winning entry will be drawn Friday, October 12th at 10am.

Birthday Set #1 - Purple/Green/White
Birthday Set #2 - Yellow/Red/White/Black
Pssst...You don't have to be right to win, you just have to enter!  And, I'll give you a hint...these kiddie-friendly characters have been beloved (and sometimes even parodied) for several decades.  Happy Guessing!


  1. Gosh! This is a hard one!! I would guess that #1 is a Barney the dinosaur party?? and #2 is Mickey Mouse.... Thanks for hosting a giveaway with a chance to win your amazing cookies!!! I'm about to share this giveaway on FB & Twitter... I'll be right back :-)

  2. OK! Just tweeted & FB'd for my second chance at this delicious giveaway!! So perfect for upcoming Fall & Holiday parties!! :-)

  3. I'm going to guess that the 2nd set is for a Minnie Mouse party. The first has me Jennifer, I thought about Barney, but I don't think he's still around. One of my nephews is into Backyardigans and I think they are those colors.

    Forgive me if I'm wrong...we don't have any little ones of our own, so we only know what's cool with our nieces and nephews! :)

    1. says #3 so Jeannine, you are the winner! Barney & Minnie/Mickey were the answers!

  4. Hm... no idea on either. So I'll say Barnie on the first and Minnie Mouse on the 2nd (following others' guesses). Hope I win!

  5. #1 Barney
    #2 Seaseme Street

  6. Shared on Facebook too!